Who Is KiwiDaddy Photography

We are a group of professional creative photographer based in New York, Boston, Florida and Canada, preserving memories since 2010. We help capture beautiful moments in life that are impossible to reproduce. We use photographs to remember and relive the moments, to express who you are, and to tell stories.

KiwiDaddy Photography & Design is a subsidiary of CTM Worldwide Design which focuses on photography and design. KiwiDaddy is a creative photography studio, specializing in wedding, fashion, portraits and product photography in New York City. For over 5 years, KiwiDaddy has been providing families and companies with the emotional and sentimental photography they need.

If you want to creatively and professionally capture the most important and sentimental memories of your life, like your wedding or pregnancy. Our team work closely with you, in order to ensure the best possible result; you’ll receive a perfectly documented photo of your precious moment. Our goal is to tell the story of your special day through photographs, leaving you with a photo narrative you can enjoy for years. Remember that “A great snapshot stops a moment from running away”.

We maintain a professional atmosphere, we're also committed to keeping the mood fun and relaxed. With me behind the camera, you won’t have to worry about missing a single moment.

What We're Doing

Outdoor & Studio Photography

We are geared to take photos in different lights and places.

Engagment & Wedding Photography

We help capture and preserve one of the most important moment in your life.

Portrait & Headshot

We help you make a personal statement through portrait, perfect for reliving memories or impressing others.

Fashion & Product Photography

We do professional product photography that helps make a powerful impression of your products and catch the eye of your target consumers.

Web Design

We collaborate with CTM Worldwide Design to custom design websites that fits your needs.

Camera, Lenses & Makeup

KiwiDaddy has different kinds of models, lightings, studio settings, photography equipment and makeup artist teams that we work with to meet the special needs of each of our clients, and we also travel to different locations to take photographs when requested.

We thrive to meet specific needs of our clients with our creative projects.

Ray Lei


Ray is specialized in Digital Marketing Management. With years of experience in sales and marketing, he had successfully helped his employers and clients meet their goals.

Olivia Sun


Olivia is specialized in Marketing. With ten years of experience in sales and marketing, she had successfully helped her clients meet their goals.

Ken Lei


Expert at wedding, products and fashion photography. He's always blending elements of fashion and creativity into his works, and has the sense and capability to capture the most attractive moments.

Kamen Su


Florida and New York based new generation photographer. His photography tells your story from amazing perspective. You will learn a new You from a photo session with Kamen.

Jason Chu


Canada and U.S west coast based professionla wedding photographer. 10 years in pre-wedding, wedding day and destination photography, traveling all around the world capturing the essence of romance, joy and excitement that belongs to every individual couple.

Joe Qiao


Hello everyone, my name is Joe and I love photography...



Cinthya is an experienced professional New York Makeup Artist. She was a makeup artist at the Miss Chinese Pageant held in New York; she had also worked with Guangdong TV and Rayli Magazine. Cinthya is very skillful with a wide knowledge of both period make-up and contemporary styles.

Lulu Lin


New York's fashion makeup artist, used to work with the New York fashion week backstage.has rich experience in cosmetic, work with many photographers, participate in the magazine photo shoot, wedding make-up, good at communication.

Cindy Chen


Cindy has a bright and cheerful persona, good at communicating with clients and loves to share beauty tips, every client becomes a friend! Cindy had attended countless auto shows and fashion shows. She excelled at Bridal Makeup and can also give you the best look possible for any event.